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Welcome Ocean High Owners

This page gives you access to everything you need to manage your ownership! Find resort resources, such as the interval calendar, and login to get resources specific to you such as your dues, newsletters and more!


To login you will need your Owner ID and password. These can be found on your statement or contact the resort if you need assistance locating your Owner ID.


Rental Release

If you will not be using or exchange your unit, you may release it into our rental program. You may print the form to fax or mail or you can fill out the online form below.

View the form with terms and conditions.

Online Rental Release

Interval Calendar

Get the dates of your next stay at Ocean High with the interval calendar!

View This Years Interval Calendar
View Next Years Interval Calendar

2017 Property Taxes

Units 1-4  $    63.53
Units 13-20  $    36.46
Units 11,12,21,22  $    34.95
Units 5-10, 23-34  $    36.58